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Doctor Ricardo Espino-Utrera
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“He who has imagination without learning has wing but no feet” (J. Joubert)



We do a complete diagnosis of the foot and the right treatment for each patient. The most frequent reasons for consultation are related to pain or pathology associated with:

    • Helomas
    • Hyperkeratosis
    • Onicocriptosis (nailed nails)
    • Pedis warts
    • Mycosis (fungus)
    • Silicone protectors


Likewise we treat complications  derivated to the use of safety shoes; bad sweating and injuries related to the workplace.

Nail Surgery

Definitive treatment for ingrown nails through surgery and local anesthesia.

A preliminary study is don to select the correct surgical technique for each case. Comprehensive follow-up from ther firste day to full recovery.


Foot biomechanics evaluates the static and dynamic characteristics of each individual. It contributes to improve the walk, and consequently the general welfare.

digital study of foot pressures

Podiatric Insoles 

Custom insoles contribute to the correct walking.

Applied in children, are useful to correct pathologies of diverse etiology.

In adults, insoles can avoid substantially  the advance of those and can prevent major complications.

We work a wide variety of materials like 3D print, polyurethane, EVA and polypropylene. 


Childhood is a stage that provides high levels of success in podiatric treatments. The children’s foot is constantly changing, has not acquired a fixed pattern so that it has a greater “margin of maneuver” than adults.

The prevention of pathologies in this age is fundamental to favor the optimal development of the march that will undoubtedly affect older ages.

Children’s footwear is a very important issue that is not given the necessary attention. This must respect the anatomy of the foot, allowing its proper development.

Until 10 months, babies have five times more sensitivity in the feet than in the hands. It is a common mistake to fit them before they have started the autonomous march. And it is advisable to let the children walk barefoot as much as they can.

physiological infant footwear

Sport Podiatry

Athlete’s foot supports an additional impact and specific foot care is required in order to prevent injuries and to improve athletic performance.

We do:

⦁ Bio mechanical study 
⦁ Custom insoles suited to the type of sport performed
⦁ Neuromuscular functional bandages (kinesiotape)
⦁ Infiltrations
⦁ Electrotherapy

 Podiatric examination in dynamics

Diabetics Cares

Diabetic people are predisposed to develop numerous circulatory and sensory alterations that particularly affect the legs and can lead to neuropathic and ischemic ulcers. Untreated ulcers can cause serious complications such as gangrene, necrosis and ultimately amputation.

Therefore, prevention and monitoring the disease is essential to prevent irreparable consequences.


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    Sometimes, feet are relegated to the background in health care. It is important to carry out a correct diagnosis and avoid the arbitrary use of products that are not indicated and that may be counterproductive.

    Podiatry Espino-Utrera bets on preventive and natural treatments. Most problems are consequence of the use of footwear. The rational use of a shoe appropriate to our anatomical characteristics is essential.

    Our position is clear, foot free from the oppression of shoes and our firm advice, walk barefoot as much as you can. For everything else, PEU.